Euro-med civil charter



Adopted in Limassol (Cyprus) on 25 and 26 June 2004, the present Charter constitutes the common basis for the members of the Euromed Non-Governmental Platform initiated in December 2002. It recalls the values on which we build our cooperation, objectives of common actions and working principles.

Membership of the Euromed Non-Governmental Platform is conditional upon signature of the present Charter and the respect for all its principles.

 Our Common Values

We, the members of the non-governmental Euromed Platform fully adhere and pledge to act according to the following values:

  • international human rights, in their universality, indivisibility and interdependence;
  • democracy, gender equality, pluralism, representation and  participation, social justice, transparency and good governance;
  • the primacy of the freedoms of conscience, expression, creation, information, movement and association;
  • the struggle against all forms of discrimination and violence on the basis of national and ethnic origin, religion, gender, culture, disability, age or sexual orientation;
  • the respect for and guarantee of the rights of peoples to freedom, self-determination and emancipation within a free, peaceful, equitable and democratic environment;
  • the right of peoples to struggle against all forms of occupation;
  • the respect for international law, international conventions and UN resolutions;
  • the autonomy of civil society from political, economic and religious pressures;
  • the priority of sustainable development and the eradication of poverty in the region.

Our Shared Objectives

As members of the Platform, we act together to balance, deepen and renew exchanges and relations between Euro-Mediterranean societies,and to strengthen civil society and its active participation in the Barcelona process, as reaffirmed by the framework of the European Union’s New Neighbourhood Policies.

To this end, we will contribute to redefining the priorities of the Barcelona process by concentrating our debate and action around  the following key issues:

  • human rights: civil and political, economic, social, and cultural;
  • democratisation of societies and States;
  • democratic management of the access to, sharing, production and circulation of information in society;
  • the struggle against impunity and protection of the public good;
  • curbing corruption in its political, financial and administrative forms;
  • elimination of all forms of discrimination and violence against women;
  • inclusion and participation of youth in societies as full and equal partners;
  • migration and border policies and the right to asylum;
  • sustainable development with its social, economic, environmental and cultural dimensions;
  • promotion of social dialogue as a means of achieving development and social justice;

Through the civil forums as well as through continued follow-up and reinforcement efforts, we work to ensure that members of civil society be acknowledged as key interlocutors in their respective countries and in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership;

Together we will contribute to making the Mediterranean area a region of just and sustainable peace, free from nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and all other forms of weapons of mass destruction;

Our working principles

We, NGOs, trade unions, formal and informal groups and associations organised in pluralistic networks, relying particularly on the dynamics of local, regional and thematic consultation, come together in a Platform with an aspiration for exchange, sharing and solidarity.

We accept the principles of collegiality, inclusion, interaction, widening fields of action, and transnational practices which underlie the creation and development of our federative structure.

Together, we take responsibility for the civil forums as co-organisers maintaining close ties with local realities. We undertake a sustained commitment to follow up on the proposals emanating from these forums, making the Platform a genuine interface with the various levels of Euro-Mediterranean government, the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly and other concerned bodies and institutions.

Together, and in keeping with a principle of subsidiarity, we undertake all projects instrumental in achieving the objectives of the Euro-Mediterranean Non-Governmental Platform.